My Favorite Color Is Freedom Shirt, hoodie

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My Favorite Color Is Freedom Shirt, hoodie

Getting bagged really stuck in your craw, eh? Still thinking about it!

COMMENT #112 [Permalink]… Bluebear 2 said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:27 pm PT…

Look at the photos now posted at the top of the blog.

Notice the shadow below the object.

Where are the wings????

COMMENT #113 [Permalink]… Plunger said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:29 pm PT…

“Who are you going to believe, the Government, or your lying eyes?”

This is the most audacious version yet of THE BIG LIE.

Right in your face with a video of the missile that hit the Pentagon.

COMMENT #114 [Permalink]… Old Turk said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:31 pm PT…

This release of the “new” frames of the Pentagon video is nothing but a clever marketing propaganda ploy by bu$$hco. It is only a grand ruse,..Mirage,..A diversionary tactic designed to get the populous to focus their attentions elsewhere. A “terror alert”if you will,.. A grand PSYOPS plan that has an ulterior motive – for those of you who claim that the actions of the bush administration are illegal and dictatorial with the explicit intent to shred the US Constitution – remember the act of terror,..Bush had all the justification in the world to do what he has done,… His only motivation here was to”PROTECT” this country from vicious,.. Vindictive,..Horribly violent “TERRORISTS”

Here is the PSYOPS PLAN-

New Pentagon 9/11 video to be released,..(see how forthcoming GWB is)(His intent is not to conceal)

Make a bowl of popcornsit down in your comfy strat-o-loungerwatch the newly released Pentagon video clips(which reveals nothing new – no new evidence ! )


Same shit,.. Wrapped up in a new 5lb bag.Conceal,.. Divert,.. Withhold,.. Bend,.. Twist,.. Andmuddy the waters some more.

This concealment of 9/11 evidence is reminiscent of the JFK file of evidence.


My Favorite Color Is Freedom Shirt, hoodie
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