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This is Happiness the Rescue of Roscoe . Hope hr finds a forever loving home soon before Christmas. He sohappy and grateful. Adoption is the answer to all the beautiful ones waiting in the shelters. Unconditional Love is a beautiful gift can give your family. Well done for rescuing this lovely dog, how people can just leave a dog outside and abandon him is beyond my comprehension. I hope Roscoe finds a happy home with people who will love him.

  • Thank heaven for the decent people who rescued this adorable little guy. hope the people who left him in that place abandoned are found and given a helluva big fine. Beautiful beginning for this beautiful sweetheart. Those owners were monsters and should never own another dog. Sweetheart you are safe and loved now. God bless the rescuers. Prayers for a forever home.
  • I agree! Parents that don’t show love and attention to their children and all pets being abused or not loved. So sad for those that should be loved, guided and taken care of. One day you will pay for your selfishness! Thank heavens for those that help and not ignore these issues! How’re you doing today,and how’s your weather over there , i would like us to be friends,i sent you a request but it’s not going through. Please kindly add me up so we can be friends if you don’t mind thank.

Thank goodness for the kind human who made the call that initiated the rescue! Roscoe got lucky – so many others don’t because people are afraid to get involved. I am new on this page a friend of mine introduce me on Facebook couple months ago, your post are wonderful but I don’t think we friend here I actually send you request but eventually it didn’t go through , please if you don’t mind sending me a request so we can be friends here please.

Motorcycles Happiness Isn’t Around The Corner It Is The Corner Poster

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