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The people speak( silent voters) but demonRats steal. Look at the looting in Philadelphia? What does stealing got to do with the police protecting themselves from danger? Just an excuse to destroy and steal others property. That is uncalled for. Is that what you wish for? An America where what you worked hard to achieve your goals or one who comes and destroys all your hard earned sacrifices ? God saves is if demonRats win.

  • Wow, you really know nothing about confidence, honesty, or patriotism! Didn’t they ever teach you about Gandhi when you were in school in India? Catrina Strang BS! I lived in the UK for 30 yrs. and only 30% of you vote in any election and the other 70% can’t be bothered! So mind your businesses and take your own elections seriously!
  • Key to understanding political media and outlets, key words: socialist, communist, liberals, leftist are used because it instills fear in people that have fled country’s with failing governments and low information voter’s that don’t understand history and economics, absolute BS! Social security retirement, social security disability, Medicaid, Medicare, veterans benefits, G I Bill, head star, pell grants, unemployment insurance etc etc etc are all social programs that exist in this country.
  • Trump has secret chinese accounts , doesn’t pay his taxes , ignores Covid 19 , and the police is attacking our brothers and sisters from the black community (respect) , many hispanic children are being separated from their parents with a bad treatment in the border , and wants to get rid of your health care too.

Our fighter is President Trump , not many people paid attention years ago to what he said about so much , they have finally been waking up and I’m glad we have a strong leader like our President today. You can choose a man in office 47 years done nothing., or man who has done great things already in just 4 years. Do you need to think twice? If so you are very slow!

Motorcycles Everything Will Kill You So Choose Something Fun Poster

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