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Mom Microbiologist Awesome Shirt

The slaveholders financial status and need for laborers determined the numbers of slaves they owned. For example, by 1860 approximately on-half of the slaveholders in Maryland owned less than three slave; therefore, it is unlikely that each adult slave had a spouse in the same household. Whenever it was feasible, slaveowners avoided difficulties, including unauthorized visits and runaway slaves, associated with abroad marriages. Thomas Jefferson encouraged his bond servants to choose spouses at Monticello with “wedding presents.” If they complied with his wishes, he gave them a pot and a bed. Despite such incentives, Jefferson’s financial status still determined if the couple remained together. Nevertheless, slaves tried to forge a family life through regular visits, which sometimes interfered with their daily routines.”(9)

Children born to men and women owned by different persons became the property of the mother’s owner. The father’s owner experienced no increase in wealth or workers. John C Cohoon serves as an example in this matter. He recorded 104 births among the sixteen families he owned. Of the children, thirty were born into six female-headed households where family sizes ranged from two to nine children. Cohoon listed Dick Petris, John Saunders, and Henry Arthur as the fathers of several of these children. There is no further information about the men. Nevertheless, their progeny added value to Cohoon’s coffer.(10)

The status or the children was clear, but little is known about what their mothers thought about increasing the population or what they could do to shape their children’s future. In studies related to childbirth, Natalie Shainess argues that an expectant mother’s attitude about her femininity, values, and relationship with an unborn child’s father determines how the woman views her pregnancy. Unable to control fertility and make decision about their bodies, enslaved women had little to saw outside of their own worlds about these crucial matters. The amount and kind of support they received form the children’s fathers and the larger community also determined how they functioned during pregnancy.(11)

Proslavery critics often claimed that abolitionists used stories of sexual exploitation to politicize their cause; nevertheless, slave women often became pregnant through forced cohabitation or rape. In such cases, it was unrealistic for victims of sexual abuse to expect any consideration form the men if pregnancy resulted. Under different circumstances attentiveness form the fathers depended upon variables including whether the parents belonged to one owner or were partners in abroad marriages.(12)

Mom Microbiologist Awesome Shirt
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