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Just as I am shirt, hoodie, tank top

COMMENT #99 [Permalink]… The Redneck said on 11/30/2005 @ 7:08 pm PT…

Yes, Kira, Project for a New Century said that biological warfare may be used as a political tool.

First, this does not mean, in any way, shape, or form, that they are suggesting we do so.

Second, if they were it wouldn’t matter. Project for a New Century is a bunch of guys who told the President what they think he should do. I think the Federal government should adopt a flat tax, disband Welfare completely, force New England to seceed from the Union, fence our entire southern border–with razor-wire!–withdraw from the United Nations and tell them exactly where to go and what to do with a rolled-up copy of the Kyoto Treaty when they get there, invade Syria, and finally concquer North Korea and hand it over to South Korea. I I think Bush should do all of these things, and I voted for Bush; his does not mean, unfortunately, that these actions are President Bush’s policy, no matter how much they should be.

” the most wealthy 1% of our population can take whatever money it wants from the poorest, the middle class, and even those who are wealthy but not in the upper 1%.”Just who and how are the “most wealthy 1%” of our population “taking whatever money it wants”? This bit of Marxism is especially amusing in light of the fact that the wealthies 1% of our population holds slightly less than 20% of America’s wealth, and pays more than 30% of its taxes.

“This is gang rape, my friend.”Put aside, for the moment, that the theft you speak of is truly imaginary–to claim that this theft is the equivalent to gang rape is a demonstration of either apalling ignorance or apalling immorality.

And finally, quoting Cynthia McKinney doesn’t help your cause any. As a native Georgian, I am well aware of Ms. McKinney’s exploits, and say with certainty that she is almost as much an embarrassment to our state as is the fact that there is a district within our borders where she was able to win an election. McKinney was one of the first to blame Bush for 9/11, who wrote what basically comes out to love-letters to the Saudi government after we turned down a donation from them because they told us it was our fault we got attacked, whose campaigns are still funded by pro-jihad groups, and whose father was blaming a previous election loss on the “Jews, J-E-W-S, Jews”.



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