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Paramedics took Louise out by stretcher. Chris, who also would need to be hospitalized, walked on his own strength to the ambulance.

“It was the last time I saw my dad alive,” Ashley recalled through tears recently.

By Nov. 17, Louise’s condition improved enough for her to return home.

But on Nov. 19, still hospitalized, Chris’ lung collapsed, and he was placed on a ventilator.

Ashley recalls that every conversation with staff at the hospital thereafter was laced with ups and downs on her dad’s condition.

She also recalls the fear that was palpable in texts she exchanged with her father.

On one of the days, she texted, “How are you doing?” to her dad.

“I’m scared,” he replied.

I’m gonna need another beer to wash down this beer shirt, hoodie

It was almost more than Ashley could withstand.

“When it’s Superman, and he’s scared, what do you say to help him? Because your dad never tells you he’s scared ever,” Ashley recalled of the exchange.

Two days before Thanksgiving, a phone call from the hospital brought anything but thankfulness.

Someone at the hospital said: “‘Your dad’s dying right now,’” Ashley said.

Someone connected Ashely to her father via FaceTime, and she watched him die.

Like so many who have lost loved ones to COVID-19, Louise hopes her husband’s story helps remind others to value their lives and to take precautions.

Louise knows first-hand how COVID-19 attacks its victims.

“It’s a nightmare. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It’s like somebody is putting a plastic bag over your head, and as you’re gasping, the plastic bag is getting tighter and tighter,” Louise said. “That’s exactly how it feels.”



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