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If The Flag Offends You Kiss My Texass Shirt

A Final Four commemorative T-shirt may come along once in 56 years at Texas but it’s just that: A souvenir you can own with no more effort than opening up a wallet. A championship shirt, however, has to be earned. Not even fleece can feel so good against the body. And the distinctive burnt orange color is always in fashion. Although, perhaps not in Lawrence. “Well, Kansas,” Magnan said with disgust. “Lawrence is out in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t even an airport. If you want to fly to Lawrence, you have to fly into Missouri. If The Flag Offends You Kiss My Texass Shirt They have nothing else to do there. We have Sixth Street — that alone will keep you away from the basketball game.” The good-natured trash talk against a basketball rival flows easily and pretty soon the students are moaning about the Longhorns’ three-point loss to Kansas earlier in the season and whether Texas can penetrate the Syracuse 2-3 zone (not surprisingly, the answer is yes) and who is the best Longhorn to put on Syracuse’s brilliant forward Carmelo Anthony and how Barnes brought a welcome discipline to the program and suddenly it becomes apparent that there is a passion for basketball on this enormous campus after all.

 You Kiss My Texass Shirt

“If you’re at the Jester Center or in one of the apartments near campus, you can hear everyone when they’re watching a game,” Magnan said. “You’ll hear everyone in the apartment yelling together and you’ll go, ‘Heck, yeah! I’m in Austin.’ And we’re all for Texas.” I might not have seen Final Four shirts Thursday but when Texas tips off against Syracuse this week, I know the Texas fans will echo throughout the apartment and dorm hallways, they will shout on Sixth Street and the Drag, and paint the city burnt orange. Heck, with any luck at all, some ex-ROTC officers in Iraq will steal a moment to bend their hand into a “Hook ’em Horns” sign.A Tennessee state senator says athletes kneeling during the national anthem before a game is like raising a middle finger to the United States flag. State Sen. Jon Lundberg of Bristol made the comparison Wednesday during a budget hearing for East Tennessee State. His comments to ETSU president Brian Nolan came in the wake of the ETSU men’s basketball team’s decision to kneel during the anthem ahead of its Feb. 15 game against Chattanooga. If The Flag Offends You Kiss My Texass Shirt The team has been kneeling ahead of games at various points during the 2020-21 season. On Feb. 17, coach Jason Shay was asked after a loss to Mercer about the practice and defended his players. “No one knows the sacrifice, the fear, the pain, the anxiety, the loss that they’ve experienced fighting for our country’s freedom and rights,”

If The Flag Offends

Shay said via WJHL 11 about members of the United States military branches. “But many of us don’t know the same sacrifice, fear, pain, and loss that people of color have had to endure over 400 years.” That was not an answer that placated those who were upset with what the basketball team did. Like it has ever since Colin Kaepernick began the practice to protest racial injustice in 2016, the players’ decision to protest during the anthem upset politicians. GOP senators speak out against college athlete protests On Feb. 23, every Republican in the Tennessee Senate signed a letter asking for punishments for any player who protested during a school sporting event. Rusty Crowe, the state senator for Johnson City, where ETSU is located, said that players should protest at a different time. From WPLN: “Most of us are thinking that when you are in that uniform and you are acting as an ambassador for the university and the state, there possibly is a line there that differentiates that freedom of speech,” Crowe said. The story continues East Tennessee State is a public university. It’s unclear where Crowe believes that line would be without violating the players’ First Amendment rights. They are not employees of the school. A day after the senators signed the letter, there was a campus march in solidarity with the players’ decision to kneel.

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