I’d Rather Be An American Than A Democrat Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I’d Rather Be An American Than A Democrat Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Now, I need to follow this up by telling everyone that thinks 9-11 was an inside job that you’re waay off the deep end. Settle down, have a relaxing ice tea, and try not to let all the ridiculous assertions out there drown out your common sense.

Apparently, as with all conspiracy theories, everyone seems to think they’re an expert. Well, if you follow the link above, you get to see what a REAL expert (a professor on materials engineering at MIT) on this subject sounds like; I’m not an expert myself, but as a Berkeley mechanical engineering grad, I can recognize a valid set of arguments when I see one.

In summation, there is no good reason to think the towers fell from a controlled demolition. Though the steel would not have melted at the temperature present in the fires, it would definitely have lost strength (at high temperatures, the crystal structure of steel can change, though the material remains solid). On top of that, there would be possible buckling in the columns due to uneven heating (the stresses created internally within an object when portions expand under significant heating can be very large). Between the combined effects of buckling and loss of column strength, it’s very likely that the redundancies built into the structural design were finally overcome. At that point, the section above the struck floors would topple onto the lower structure. Due to the fact that the internal beams of the lower floors were meant to hold only the floors’ own weight (with some extra safety factor allowance … One that would not match the weight of 1/4 of the building), the collapsing portion of the building would bust through the floors below it with relatively little trouble. The effect would be slower than freefall, but not perceptibly so (the lower floors collapse too quickly to exert a prolonged impulse of force on the falling bodies, meaning there’s basically too much mass falling to slow it down).

There you have it, 2 collapsed buildings from a pair of plane collisions. I’m afraid I don’t know much about building 7, but honestly … The application of Occham’s Razor to this subject says that when a humongous catastrophe has just toppled two gigantic buildings, sending carnage everywhere in the neighboring area, it’s most likely that structural damage of some sort did the building in. Anyone that would naturally think something else, without significant REAL evidence, is swimming out past the shores of reality.


I’d Rather Be An American Than A Democrat Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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