I Wear Orange For The Stolen Children Shirt

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I Wear Orange For The Stolen Children Shirt

“Anyone else that is selling shirts, we ask that the shirt be orange first of all and that the design not be stolen, that it be an original design that means something to you. And, we ask for partial proceeds.”

Webstad added she is the only person managing the Orange Shirt Society, and the best place for information and ways to buy official shirts is on her website.

Other merchandise and details can be found here as well.

She said it is disappointing to see this happen but is also hopeful people will put their focus on supporting legitimate organizations like hers to maintain attention on the issue.

“There is a mass awakening happening across Canada right now,” Webstad said.

“Every child matters was created for survivors, to honour survivors and their families, and to remember those that never made it home. So, it is very fitting to wear the shirt right now.”

If donations increase, Webstad would be able to hire more staff and get a better handle on illegitimate sellers of the shirts.

She added the last couple of weeks have definitely taken a toll on her, as it is becoming more stressful to manage the organization and cope with her own trauma around residential schools.

Webstad’s grandparents and parents went to residential schools before her and her son attended the last school to remain open in the country. After all of this time, she said it is still hard to hear the stories from other survivors as they also know there are many more unmarked graves at these former sites.

But if the attention does not fade away like it has in past years, there’s a chance this moment could spark healing that is now long past due.

“I don’t like being this way, but the only way out i


I Wear Orange For The Stolen Children Shirt
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