I wear my scars like a warrior for they’re a reminder I’m alive shirt, hoodie

I wear my scars like a warrior for they’re a reminder I’m alive shirt, hoodie

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I wear my scars like a warrior for they’re a reminder I’m alive shirt, hoodie

Like I could probably still do it. You know, like it was just a thing that I did. It’s the thing I’ve always done with everything, but this show just like really gave me a lot, it really gave me a lot. But, I had my time with Shane, I had my time with Bette, I had my time, ultimately, I mean, that’s the thing. Turning this episode on and dropping into it without re-watching really any of it, not getting the context of the season and just going like, “Man, Dana really was this show.” There’s just relationships, and I don’t want to beat a literal dead horse in talking about Dana but it’s just like, she was an incredibly integral part of what made the show so fun and real. You lose a lot when you lose that— Riese: And funny. Rhea: That middle person in the Greek chorus of Alice, Dana, and Shane. It’s really missing a lot. Like everybody’s just sort of out on their own and there’s not a real center. Riese: Or coupled. Rhea: Yeah, exactly, and there’s so many characters on this show. The OGs are like the ones that I gravitate to the most because I feel like in season three, I was just like, “No, thanks.” I swear I was like, “I don’t know.” Riese: Yeah, season three was terrible. Rhea: Yeah. It just really didn’t— Riese: When we re-visited it we were shocked by how, just insistently, I remember not liking it, but it was profoundly, profoundly, awful. Rhea: Yeah. Carly: It was deeply terrible. Rhea: Like I would imagine. I mean, I just remember that episode where Max is sitting at dinner with everybody and they’re all basically laughing at him. Riese: Oh, the lobsters? Rhea: And I just was like, “How dare you?” Carly: The fucking lobster dinner. Rhea: Like, how dare you do that? You know what I mean? It’s so cruel to its own audience and it doesn’t even know that. And as I was watching this episode, I was like, has anybody that is working on this show ever lived anywhere other than Los Angeles? Because it doesn’t feel like it. It really doesn’t feel like it. Carly: No, it doesn’t feel like that. Rhea: But you know, I think retroactively, retrospectively without having re-watched it whatsoever, I have like a real soft spot for a Daniela Sea as an actor, that little sweet little friend, sweet little, I don’t know, like field nymph, just like, “Yeah, sure. I’ll give it a shot,” like holy shit — after a small amount of acting that I’ve done, to realize then what that person was given to do and the fact that they did it with a big heart, it’s just like, “Wow, great job. Great job.” Carly: I know. Rhea:

I wear my scars like a warrior

ese: We talk about that a lot. Carly: Just like, our like deep empathy and sympathy for Daniela and just what they went through. Rhea: They seem like such a sweetie. Carly: Yeah. Rhea: My goodness. You know, just like a tender sweetie. Carly: I know, what a sweet little babe. Rhea: I know, I know! I did have a funny answer to my favorite character, it’s — and I always get their name wrong, which is like, they’re clearly my favorite character. But I think their name is Dax that worked at Ivan’s Garage. Riese: Yes, yes. Who worked at the body shop? Who worked at the body shop? With Ivan? Rhea: The best, only Butch representation in the whole show, potentially, like, “Wow, thank you.” Like, that was it. Riese: They had their hair like this and a tank top. I mean, obviously, I remember this character. Rhea: Yeah, Of course. Like just embedded in the brain. Carly: Yeah. Rhea: It’s a great character. Riese: They were in two episodes. Rhea: They’re in two episodes. Riese: So funny. Rhea: In many seasons of my heart. Riese: Maybe one line. Carly: Like a line or two. Rhea: Over the hood, in there working on it. And then they get up, and they’re doing this. Riese: And they’re like, “Ivan’s over there.” Rhea: “Ivan’s gone.”

Because I’m wearing my scars like a warrior So  they’re a reminder I’m an alive

Oh, and he took off. Carly: Wiping hands off on a towel. Riese: Yeah. Rhea: “Breaking up, Kit, you’re going to have to get out of here, you broke his heart, man,” or whatever, something like that. Carly: Oh, my God. Rhea: And Ivan, of course. Anyway, all right. Carly: Ivan, yes. Rhea: Let’s do it. Carly: Today’s episode is Episode 603, LMFAO, no relation to the band. And it was written by Alexandra Kondracke, directed by Angela Robinson, who we love. We actually love both of them and I believe they are married or at least they are partnered. Which is wonderful. So that’s fun. This originally aired February 1st, 2009 before we were born, let’s get into It. Riese: Let’s get into it. Carly: Okay. The first thing we noticed is that both Nadia and Dylan are in the previouslies, which is never a good sign. Rhea: Oh yeah. Dylan. That’s true. Carly: Not good, this is not good. Riese: And then we go to Shaolin. Carly: Yes. Riese: Ghost themed movie Studio Shaolin. Rhea: Oh, my God. Riese: Where Tina’s walking in, everyone’s concerned, Aaron wants to see Tina ASAP. Rhea: Question. Riese: Yes. Rhea: Did Aaron, did that actor play another character on this show? Or am I just remembering him from something else? Because he seems so familiar to me and I really didn’t watch this. Riese: He looks a little bit like Stanley Tucci. Carly: Yeah. Yeah, but like if Stanley Tucci was not fun. Rhea: Squished. Anyway, we don’t have to spend too much time on this, but man, is he swinging for the fences with this performance? Riese: He’s, for sure, Canadian. Carly: And he pops up in many seasons because he’s Tina’s boss for the duration of most of the show. So he’s around a lot, but maybe he was in something else. Rhea: I think I always confuse him with the guy that Bette runs into in traffic in season two, when she’s like, “What makes you think I’m not already?!” Riese:

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