I was normal before I got hives shirt, hoodie

I was normal before I got hives shirt, hoodie

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I was normal before I got hives shirt, hoodie

Come on, ask me, ask me, ask me who it is.” Riese: She’s like, “No.” Rhea: Shout out to Jennifer Beals’ food-in-mouth acting because Shane does that shit all the time and I can’t stand it. But Jennifer Beals is good at it. Because she’s just absentmindedly putting these peanuts in her mouth, all to set up the look that she gives her. To have these peanuts ready? She really does crush it in this scene. Carly: She does. She’s wonderful. Riese: And her face, backing away from Phyllis, when Phyllis tries to… But also, I mean, come on, Phyllis immediately undermined herself. Carly: She’s like, “I’d drop Joyce in a heartbeat if you in any way, showed any attraction to me.” Riese: This is bananas. I was normal before I got hives shirt, hoodie Carly: It’s just like, Jesus Christ. This is so funny. Bette’s reaction is to just laugh hysterically in her face because she doesn’t know what else to do. And she doesn’t think she’s serious, but she’s very serious. Rhea: Deadly serious. Carly: Leans in to try to kiss her. Falls. Rhea: Hard edit out. Bette: You’ll have my letter of resignation in the morning. Carly: Hard edit on the fall. It’s like Phyllis is leaning in, Bette’s leaning out, and then Joyce just falls out of frame. Rhea: And then Helena, I think. Carly: Helena in the forest. Rhea: Then they cut to Helena. Carly: Flowers. Riese: The Planet. Dylan has sent Helena a topiary, a tree, a whole flower garden. Rhea: Does Helena work at the Planet? Riese: Helena owns it. Rhea: Oh, right. Riese: Right? Her and Kit are co-owners. They bought it from Ivan. Rhea: They’re co-eds. They’re co-eds who own The Planet. Carly: That’s right. Riese: Exactly. They’re the co-eds of The Planet and also of their sister business. Carly: And Hit Bar. Riese: Yeah, Hit Bar. Carly: Hit Club. Riese: Porter Peabody’s Pleasure Palace. Rhea: Oh my God. Remember the days of Cunt the Night on this show? Carly: Cunt the Night? Riese: Twat the Night. Rhea: Where they still had this plausible… Oh yeah, Twat the Night. Sorry, I went too hardcore. Carly: Twat the Night. Rhea: Twat the Night, not Cunt the Night. Cunt the Night would be great, too.

 normal before I got hives shirt

But man, Twat the Night was great. That was a great joke. Riese: Right? There’s these little tidbits of great jokes. Rhea: Yeah, Guinevere Turner, man. Riese: That might be number one, actually. Rhea: You can just see the parts that Guinevere Turner wrote. Riese: When you’re looking for toasts, Twat the Night. Rhea: Oh yeah, toasts. Carly: Yeah. So Helena doesn’t want the flowers, but then she takes one of the flowers to give it to a girl that was checking her out, which is pretty smooth. Rhea: Yeah. She’s like, why don’t you recycle it? Riese: I love this realistic thing that always happens on The L Word, where people just see other people and they just go up and then they— Carly: They just look at them, and then they look at them. And then they just give each other flowers and then they’re just having sex in five minutes. Riese: Yeah, and then they’re like, “boo ba doo, let’s go do it, let’s make out, here’s a flower.” Carly: One of the cards from Dylan says, “You’re beautiful when you’re angry,” which… Riese: Yuck. Carly: It’s a choice. It’s a choice. Rhea: It certainly is. Riese: I hate it. Carly: Yeah. Riese: I hated it. They obviously didn’t want to put Alexandra Hedison on the payroll this week. So instead they sent these flowers. Rhea: They couldn’t afford her day rate. Carly: They couldn’t. They couldn’t afford her for even a few hours. Riese: She had a lot of other projects, probably. Rhea: Certainly. Riese: Has she done any…? I guess if you marry Jodie Foster, you don’t have to do anything anymore. Rhea: You don’t have to. Carly: No! Riese: I mean, you win. You win. Rhea: You really do. That is it. That’s bingo, right there. See you guys. Carly: You did it. Rhea: Later. Carly: You did it. Rhea: I’m going to do my thing now. Riese: Yeah. Rhea: It’s only whatever I want, from here on out. Carly: Oh my god. So Alice is trying to get dressed at home, and — is she getting dressed to go to a meeting to get fired, but then doesn’t go to the meeting because she gets a call from the LGBT Center? Riese: No, I think she’s getting dressed and going to the Porter Peabody Pleasure Center for the party that night. Carly: Okay, that makes more sense. I definitely missed some things in this episode, even as I was watching it. Rhea: Certainly. Carly: That made it far more confusing. Riese: I, for some reason, have never taken less notes than I did on this episode. Like this is the smallest amount of notes I’ve ever taken. Rhea: Are we talking about Tasha and Alice at home? Is that the scene that we’re talking about? Riese: Yeah, Tasha in the Free City tank top. Rhea: Yeah. This is where the lighting begins to fail the narrative, fully. Carly: Big time. Rhea: It is just amazing. It’s kind of like anything in movies and film or TV and stuff like that, where you don’t realize how good things are until you see a bad thing. And you’re just like, “Oh my god, I had no idea how much the lighting in a film really affects it.” Until you kind of can’t see your character’s faces? And you do just start to go like, “Hmm, what’s going on in my apartment?”

therfore I was normal before I love haives  shirt, hoodie

And you don’t even realize that’s what’s happening. Riese: Right, why your mind is wandering. Rhea: Yeah, it’s so distracting. I will say, shout out to the, I feel like, classic L Word shot, out of the closet. They really just did that one to a T and I was happy to see it come back through the clothes, and somebody trying to decide. I feel like they did that one a lot and it’s great. It’s a great one. Carly: That is a classic. Riese: It is. It is. Carly: Yeah, this is the first… This is where the lighting starts to get distractingly terrible. Rhea: They’re like, “It’s nighttime,” but I still need to see the interior. Carly: But we have lamps. Rhea: And see what’s… Yeah exactly. See what’s going on. And I’ll say, in the morning, I was normal before I got hives shirt, hoodie it was just as dark. So it’s hard to really… I mean, that bar they were in was brighter than anything. The lighting in that scene— Carly: That was odd. Rhea: It was super bright. And then Shaolin is super bright, but then everything else… Also, is there a single exterior? There’s a single exterior shot that we’re getting up to. There’s no exteriors throughout the beginning of the episode, and then there’s just one at the end. So they’re really rushing through the story, the narrative, to just— Riese: This was a budget ep. Rhea: Oh, 100%, yeah. Carly: This is a short ep, too. This was just, “We have two plot points to hit. Let’s get through it fast.” Rhea: We got to get this information out. Carly: And save our money for the big dance competition. Riese: Yeah. Carly: Which is where they really went all out. Riese: Tasha reminds Alice that sometimes you get punished for doing the right thing, like she did with Army. Carly: At Army. Yeah. And Alice is like, “Ugh.” Rhea: This is not about the Army. Carly: This is not about you, and it’s not about Army. And then the LGBT Center calls. This was interesting. Okay. I think I would like to give the LA LGBT Center a lot more credit than Alice being the person they call for an emergency. Alice, a person they have not ever, as far as we know, never met or worked with before. Tasha looking hot in a tank top telling Alice that you don’t always get rewarded for doing the right thing Rhea: Not a celebrity? Carly: Yeah. I don’t think that that’s necessarily what you want to do, but… Riese: Well, she was a fan. Carly: I don’t really have any expertise. Sure. Riese: She’s a fan of the program, of The Look, because I think that a lot of young people… Rhea: Watch daytime television shows, yeah. Carly: Daytime TV? Riese: Watch daytime television, yeah. Carly: It would make more sense that she was a fan of Alice’s video podcast. Riese: Right. Rhea: For OurChart? Carly: OurChart.Gov. Rhea: I mean OurChart… OurChart is a great thing for lesbians to say. OurChart. Y’all on OurChart? Riese: OurChart. I love saying OurChart. Rhea: OurChart. I definitely… Is that shit still active anymore? Because I definitely had a profile on OurChart. Carly: Oh we all did. Riese: I wrote for OurChart. For free. Rhea: Wow. Carly: OurChart was the most broken website. That shit never worked. Riese: It was terrible. Rhea: They could have influenced an election. They didn’t know what they had in their hands, you know what I mean? Carly: They didn’t know. They did not know. I guess we’re at the LGBT Center? Which I thought— Rhea: Yeah, the locker room at the LGBT Center. Carly: Before the big game. Carly: But then they’re up on the roof and it says “hotel,”

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