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I love this so much, because there are kids in Brayden’s town, Brayden’s school, who have teased him & hurt him in the past. And now he’s famous so hah! What’s Brayden famous for? He was used by Democrats for votes Joe Biden isn’t stuttering. He has dementia. Kamala is the sorry candidate. I love this young man!! He seems to have gotten more confident about his speaking!! That’s because Joe Biden reached out to him. Joe had a debilitating stutter that he overcame by sheer grit and he helped this young man do the same….

Brayden: thank you for endorsing Joe with your strong, steady voice. Many compliments for your efforts in learning from Joe Biden. Never underestimate yourself or any American. Stay well and happy! What has Joe achieved in 47 years of government? He has been wrong on every single foreign policy issue he has taken a stand on. I think you must be blind or a troll for the loser Democrats themselves.

Except line his family’s pockets… The one recurring theme that I see in all of these posts… He makes people feel good somehow when he opens his face hole…I got news for people I don’t want some smooth talking person with no backbone that’s compromised and has no foreign policy knowledge… Trump 2020. Getting ready for the LOSERS rioting on TUESDAY ,,, bunch of cry babies !! Trump 4 more years ,, Health and Prosperity and Please accept the results graciously you losers !!!!!

The only person to ever run on ” I will raise your taxs” and everyone’s like yay! Biden: I won’t end fracking I will end fracking I won’t end fracking I will end fracking ” crap ho or I mean harlot or dang it woman that can’t decide if ur black or Indian that sleeps with married men that is my v.p. choice. Harris yea you what am I supose to say to this group?” ” Oh ok ” there is no room for fracking. And you dnt deserve an answer on if we are going to stack the courts! ” Harris: dang it Joe you weren’t suppose to tell them that last part!” We will have to have CNN tell the people.

Don’t underestimate me I know more than I say think more than I speak Military poster

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