I Prefer The Drummer Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I Prefer The Drummer Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Karl Rove is the single most destructive force in the US Government…The enabler of the entire evil scheme…THE ARCHITECT.

The scheme includes 9/11 as the essential pretext. “9/11” … How clever, Karl! Only someone with American sensibilities would select the number we have all memorized to call in the event of life threatening emergency as the date for this evil….


The war plan to invade Iraq was written BEFORE 9/11. The Secret Energy Task Force meetings that Cheney had with Ken Lay and the other OIL HOGS during which they all decided how to divide up the oil fields of the Middle East…All of that was BEFORE 9/11.

Now you see why Cheney insisted the substance of those talks remain SECRET.

All of their schemes and conspiracies REQUIRED 9/11 as the essential trigger.

Cheney outsourced the implementation of the FALSE FLAG OPERATION to Mossad…The FALSE FLAG experts. This explains why over 200 Mossad agents were operating in the United States prior to 9/11. This explains why five of them were arrested, having been observed filming the planes hitting the towers and their subsequent collapse – celebrating our worst nightmare.

9/11 was not a bad day for those involved in the Conspiracy. It was their shining moment…Their PRETEXT.

One of them washed out…Couldn’t cope with the guilt. Ari Fleisher had to be replaced, and disappeared. Not dead, but out of sight.

I Prefer The Drummer Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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