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Is she paying tax on the sales or collecting sales taxes? If I volunteer and get a “free” shirt, is she using that as a business expense deduction or as “in kind” pay (in which case I’m not volunteering, I’m being paid in kind)? Did the materials all originate in the US? And some other questions I can’t recall at the moment. Needless to say, she did not respond. You don’t pay taxes if it is a non profit, did donald ever have anything made in America that he profited from. Oh yeah , does he ever pay taxes on any thing he makes. According to the NY attorny.

Painful experience has taught me that earning a university degree and being educated are not even in the same realm as equivalent. Quite the contrary, it appears a university degree inhibits the process of gaining an education. In the inimitable words of Lawrence W. Reed, “you could fit everything that AOC knows about economics on a bumper sticker and still have room left for the Magna Carta.”

Young lady are you there? Listen for once to some wisdom!! Taxing the rich?? Really?? It doesn’t work! Why you ask?? All of your working buddies right there in congress pass all of the tax codes so that your rich little buddies there can pay less taxes also. Want to tax the rich you say? Change the tax codes!! But I’m sure you don’t want that because I’m sure you are making the most money you have ever made in your life so why would you ever want to do that?

Even at MIA union wages it is overpriced. Sweat shirts are completely untailored, minimally finished garments that even a newby seamstress can kick one out in 15 minutes. I’m sure there is no profit built into that price, right? She wouldn’t make money off these items, would she? Because I believe that would be capitalism & capitalism is evil, right? I believe your first mistake wasn’t thinking that she was educated. Going to college doesn’t necessarily make you more intelligent…. obviously.

I Can Only Imagine Jesus Poster

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