Heavy Metal Mom Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Heavy Metal Mom Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Heavy Metal Mom Shirt, hoodie, tank top

There’s no question that Zoom fatigue is real, and we are all exhausted by it. At times, the video platform can feel stressful and ineffective. Even the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, admitted that he had Zoom fatigue, and JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, is ready to cancel all of his Zoom meetings.


I am a communicator and connector, and I work with companies of all sizes — helping people, companies and brands define and best articulate their brand and company culture. This was especially important during the pandemic as transparency, honesty and personal connection were key, and we all learned this as we became more casual on Zoom: accepting no makeup and kids and pets in the background.

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Zoom takes its toll 

I was on a call with a client, and she said, “I don’t go anywhere, I’ve turned into a true human Zooman, and I’m exhausted.” One week later, another client said to me, “Is it ok if we go off camera? I’ve been on Zoom all day!” I smiled and told them I was thrilled because while Zoom has its place, I find it works best in certain circumstances — when meeting new people, screen sharing, reconnecting or socializing.

Many of my colleagues and clients agree. Some of them feel self-conscious about their appearances on camera, making it more difficult to fully engage with the person on the other side of the screen. In other words, some of us are overperforming to do our job, which can inhibit us from being ourselves. We shouldn’t be judged for turning off the video at times; rather, we should be encouraged to do so.

Throughout my career at SMACK! Media, and even during my Covid side hustle, Remotely Human, which is dedicated to helping companies and leaders better work from home, I’ve helped company leaders understand what teams need to maintain happier, healthier and more productive employees. Lightening the load of day-to-day tasks is one way to achieve that.

Consider the toll that lockdown has taken on working parents who became schoolteachers, cooks, cleaning ladies, errand runners and the list goes on. On top of that, many have to sit in front of a screen and talk to someone for hours per day. In reality, a good old-fashioned phone call can serve the same purpose, allowing parents to accomplish more — folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving kids to and from school and activities — while supporting their mental health.


Heavy Metal Mom Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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