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Christina Porta we moved into a house where the previous owners fed all the birds. I’d be home alone and there were these loud knocks and I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from…..then saw all the kookaburras on the 2nd story windows, banging on them with their beaks. Had huge holes in all the fly screen.

May God have mercy on these innocent birds.I wish this corona virus would wipe out every tyrant from this world, and there would be only love left in the world. Was gonna say, all nice now but if she doesn’t keep up the interaction and the food stops all the apartment owners are going to be pissed when they destroy the complex.

Too many people feed the wrong things and don’t keep feeders hygienic. Unless they get scrubbed daily they can become breeding grounds for beak and feather disease. It’s better for the birds to plant native food trees.

Girlfriend fiancée wife mug

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