Gaming Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Gaming Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Gaming Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt, hoodie, tank top

We want to serve as an ally to gamers, and in order to speak to them on their level, we partnered with Nadeshot, who could speak authentically about experiencing headaches while gaming,” Mulgund said. “We wanted to go further by including non-medicinal ways gamers can relieve headaches, and this partnership felt natural because Nadeshot is already such a big proponent of mindful gaming.”

On Monday, I spoke by Zoom with Nadeshot about how he evolved from gaming to founding and running 100 Thieves. He also talked about his love of sports, and playing video games with famous athletes from the NBA and NFL to PGA Tour golf. Gaming Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Andy Frye: You first came to fame as a professional Call of Duty player. But like a lot of gamers, you started with other games. Fill us in on that long progression.

Nadeshot: The story I always tell is that I have an older brother. He’s 6 foot 2, a real strong guy, and growing up we were super close. We loved sports and I was never good at them, and I wanted to beat him in something. That something became video games. It became a great outlet for me, helped me build self-confidence in wanting to be competitive.

So, in the early 2000s a game called Halo 2 came out, and it was an expansion of all the things I loved. A world of fantasy, a world of competition, and I could see myself getting better over time. That’s where things took off. I went from Halo to a game called Gears of War, and that was the first game I competed in. What you see in a lot of “shooter genre” type games is similar mechanics you just have to master.

But the game I really fell in love with after those was Call of Duty. The game controls just felt more responsive, it was more intuitive, smooth like butter. It went from a hobby to an obsession.

VIDEO: Nadeshot talks Call of Duty with NBA superstar Anthony Davis.

AF: So, how did it really grow beyond a hobby?

Nadeshot: That’s when I started to recognize there were tournaments being played domestically and globally on a site called Gamebattles.Com, which was owned by Major League Gaming, basically the NBA, NFL and MLB of gaming. Tournaments started getting bigger, and there was more prize money, and I started uploading to YouTube. I feel like I was at the right place at the right time, with the interest in video games surging along with an interest in content.




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