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Fuck Pelosi Guns Shirt, hoodie

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Fuck Pelosi Guns Shirt, hoodie

Perhaps the response time of the interceptor fighters was too damn slow and, I agree, should have been a lot faster. But I’m not a fighter pilot. The captain of Flight 77 was when he was in the Navy.Charles Burlingame, 1949-2001. Captain, USNR (Ret)

Perhaps 4 planes “vaporized” on one day and never before because never before had such a terrorist attack occured before! Or had you not thought of that!

Perhaps the WTC#7 fell because of the thousands of pieces of WTC #1 & #2 that fell on it, plus the fire. It was like thousands of wrecking balls hitting the building. When we watched the events that day, don’t you remember seeing large girders falling?

Perhaps the video today is a blur in part because the plane was travelling at 500mph? Or had you not thought of that either?

I think all the known videos should be released, but Jeff points out that there must be some security reasons for not.

But, hey, I’m a computer programer and applications developer. I’m not a structural engineer or scientist and I don’t play one on the internet. Are you? That’s why I say “perhaps” instead of stating for sure like you and your friends do.

Your point about the ID is a good one. I had never heard that one before. Perhaps it blew out a hole of the plane on impact so therefore did not get burned?

Perhaps a person above here is right that this has become the “grassy knoll” of our time.

Have a nice day!

COMMENT #104 [Permalink]… Brian said on 5/16/2006 @ 2:10 pm PT…

fox news right now: this tape should finally put the wildest of all the cospiracy theories to rest. We should all get past this and focus on the war on terror. They are calling anyone who doesnt believe the gov’t is “silly”. What about all the people in the gov’t who are questioning the incident? Notice how the media continually tries to divert all our attention. They give 1-2 minutes coverage of the new footage, tell us that we are all stupid we need to focus on the war and on to immigration and whos going to be voted off american idol this week.


Fuck Pelosi Guns Shirt, hoodie
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