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Flamingo Be you the world will adjust Autism shirt, hoodie, tank top

After seeing Barber’s Facebook post that the Beachland needed help to fix its leaky roof, Carney sprung into action. Barber revealed that the drummer quietly donated a generous amount to ensure that the repairs were made. This isn’t the first time Carney has helped out, however, but his generosity sprung from how appreciative he is for the Beachland and in turn, Barber and Leddy were for The Black Keys. Barber and Leddy introduced The Keys to their first booking agent.Flamingo Be you the world will adjust Autism

“Cindy and Mark really became like family to us early on,” Carney says quietly. “They encouraged us and gave us show after show. When I saw Cindy post something about the roof and bills piling up, I emailed her then I emailed my business manager and said to send them a check. There’s still plenty that needs to be done not just here, but other venues as well. Dan and I are more than willing to help out. We would definitely be there to [help] the places that were so good to us.”

Maintaining a relentless tour schedule is what sharpened, and ultimately, turned The Black Keys into international headliners. As the pandemic wears on, Carney notes that the trickle-down effect from labels to venues and especially indie and smaller musicians is stalled. He says that The Black Keys aren’t planning on touring in 2021 even if they are allowed to. Instead, they’re deferring to the bands who rely on touring as their financial lifeblood and are fully supportive in yielding shows to them.

However, Carney hasn’t ruled out a potential one-off Black Keys show to support the venues that helped them.

“The Grog Shop and the Beachland, they’re much more personal types of venues,” Carney says. “We really feel like artists. Even when we were complete nobodies, we felt a connection to them and support for them. You just don’t find that out in places like Nashville, it’s just different. Ohio is different. With Mark and Cindy, they were always fair and square, and when they didn’t make any money, they would give you a hot dog.”

After meeting all of the city’s guidelines through a drawn-out process last fall, The Flamingo Be you the world will adjust Autism Grog and the Beachland were able to open for drastically reduced capacity shows that featured mostly local bands with strict safety precautions. Despite the thrill of opening its doors, both venues were barely breaking even. However, watching fans’ relief at being able to experience live music safely was worth it.

“People were completely relieved that they can go someplace and feel safe, because we were really cautious about the protocols,” Barber says of the shows that were set up in the venue’s parking lot. To stay compliant with the COVID restrictions, Barber and Leddy bought a used tent for $500, new outdoor tables, and took on staff to set up and tear down tables and chairs after each show.




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