Fight For Those Without Your Privilege Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Fight For Those Without Your Privilege Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Hate speech, as it is called, has a long and torrid history for the dems, the left and liberals, esp. In recent years. Hey, it’s a free country. Ted Rall can call our soldiers scum, as he does this week. Liberals can call conservatives all sorts of names. Enjoy yourselves.

On a purely political level, I do not mind when your side goes off the deep end with its hatreds. It alienates the middle and makes you look WAY out of the mainstream. Think Howard Dean’s scream. I am also happy that the faces that represent your side are all rich, white and phoney. Common sense tells us that Katrina Vanden Heuvel has never worked a real job in her life and that John Edwards hair cut costs more than some people’s weekly salary. For the folks in the Hamptons and Brentwood to claim to speak for the little guy rings pretty hollow. 57 percent of the nation’s households own stocks nowadays, nearly quadruple twenty five years ago. While Bruce Springsteen sings about the grapes of wrath, he also owns a few mansions. Is Joe six pack buying that? I’m thinking maybe not.

Compassion by itself is nothing. Without logic and discipline, it can make matters worse. I find too many liberals thump their chests about how compassionate they are, regardless of what they advocate. Even when it is destructive. As long as it makes them feel good about themselves, it is good. This is selfishness and vanity, not compassion. It is self serving.

“Look at me! I’m soooo compassionate! LOOK AT HOW COMPASSIONATE I AM!!! Aren’t I wonderful?!!!”

Not necessarily.

Of course, it is easy to be compassionate with the gov’t. I don’t think Arrianna ever used food stamps, do you? But I wonder, did she take any Katrina victims into one of her houses?

Liberals feel where conservatives think. Jesus never said to cut off your brain. He never said to keep giving money to a drunk. He never said compassion meant being a jackass. He was a smart, no nonsense person when it came to people’s bunk. Thus the outburst in the temple against the money changers et al. He forgave any and all, but only after repentence. Sin was not to be dodged, but confronted head on. For liberals, compassion means never having to say “I’m sorry.” Because right and wrong are like choices of coffee. None are good or bad, just personal choices. But right and wrong for Jesus were not relative, not up for grabs and not subject to moods and



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