Everything will be just fine as long as there are penguins and wine shirt, hoodie, tank top

Everything will be just fine as long as there are penguins and wine shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Everything will be just fine as long as there are penguins and wine shirt, hoodie, tank top

I tell them but you’re petite. They say, “No, no, no, I’m a size 14.” I say, it’s got nothing to do with your size! You don’t have to be the same size as me, but if I’m looking eye to eye with you and our shoulders are at the same level then you’re petite. It’s about your height. So I’m excited that QVC has a huge size range.’ It seems she has an irrepressible work ethic, and was still finishing editing her autobiography when her waters broke. ‘I was like, “This section has got to go into the publishers, oh my god, what is THAT – I’ve wet my pants.”’ Such determination comes from starting her career as a child actor, something I learn that made her feel awkward when she took Ethan for his first day at primary school. ‘I was really nervous because – it’s not that everybody knows who I am but, just to be on TV for 40 years, on the cover of a magazine and stuff… So I got up early, dressed really smart and walked in stiff as a board, freaking out.’ Then, once she gradually found the community to be super friendly, she relaxed a bit too much, dashing in to pick him up another day on her way home from a job. ‘With my hair dyed bright pink, and a huge pair of J-Lo false eyelashes and six-inch heels on as well.’ Dannii and Kylie performing together on Australia’s The X Factor, 2015 She had been working on a L’Oréal shoot that day, ‘but in the diary I was also down to do school pick-up. I had not thought that through. So I was getting out of the car and these little girls ran up to me as if I was the Pied Piper. They were like,’ she gasps in impersonation, giggling at the memory of it, ‘“Ah, I love your hair, it looks like candyfloss, you’re a unicorn, can I touch it?” And then their parents came over – I was so worried what they might think.

 as long as there are penguins and wine

Now I’ve got to try to remember to remove those things first, because that is not how I want to be walking into the playground.’ I’m not so sure – after all this homeschooling, it might provide a public service to us all. Tutus, toast & my most embarrassing moment What’s your earliest memory? Catching lizards with my brother – we lived near an orchard and there were always plenty around. I was closer in age to my brother and was a real tomboy, but with a weird sense of dress – tutus and wellingtons. I had a Barbie, which I adored, but I had a truck that I loved, too. When my brother needed someone to play boy stuff with, I’d always get dragged into it. Did you have a career plan B? I actually thought I’d be a director because as a kid, when I was on set, I’d always be asking what camera is that, what does the jib do, how does this crane work? My two uncles are cameramen, my brother was a cameraman, so I was around that world a lot. The Secret to a happy relationship? Communication, which can be hard. Sometimes there’s not enough, sometimes there’s too much! Obviously, with lockdown, there’s a lot of couples going, I didn’t sign up for spending THIS much time with that person! Also being able to sit in silence and do nothing. Your guilty pleasure? The Bachelor! I used to think, ‘I don’t understand why you would want to sit down and watch that.’ Now I’ve crossed to the dark side. Your best quality? I think I am kind. I get told that by my friends.

Because of fine as long as there are penguins and wine shirt, hoodie and tank top

And your worst? I’d say I can get very focused when there’s something that I want to do. So I think that can be very selfish. What would be your last meal on earth? Mum’s fish soup. She never follows a recipe. On a day off, we would find you… Sleeping in until 10 am. I’d then stay in my pajamas until at least midday, have two coffees, then think about what I’m going to do. Nothing happens before coffee. Even my son will say to me, “Mum, is that your first coffee or your second?” I’ll say it’s only my first one so don’t ask any difficult questions yet. He knows! Your most starstruck moment? Meeting Janet Jackson. I stood in front of her – trying not to cry – and said, ‘I LOVE YOU.’ And your most embarrassing one? Dressing up as a piece of toast in an advert for toasters. I saw the photo recently and thought, I have no recollection of dancing and singing as a piece of toast – maybe it was so traumatic that I’ve blocked it. Do you have a secret skill? Cross-stitching – it’s a way of relieving stress. Dannii Minogue Petites and Dannii Minogue for Diamonique are available exclusively at qvcuk.Com/danniiminogue .

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