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Dogs Before Dudes Shirt, hoodie

#4> As I understand the evangelical Christian movement, it relies on the Book of Revelation, which suggests an Armageddon (endgame), after which Christ shall return and redeem mankind. Thus, whatever happens to advance that result (war, pestilence, brutality, famine, etc.) is holy and devoutly to be wished.

You are not even close to being correct in your last sentence.

> “What will Christ do or say after his return?”


Jesus already came and showed us the way to Heaven. However, much of the Bible is about His second coming. You will only know Jesus when you are born again. God is a God of love but He is also a God of wrath. Too many people overlook the full character of God. God destroyed many a nation and He used other nations to do so.

> war, pestilence, brutality, famine

These are just signs that the “end times” are just “beginning.” It is nothing that Christians look at gleefully, it is just the facts.

When Lydia writes “for Christ�s sake” she is taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Do I support someone like Pat Robertson? No way! He says some very absurd things!

Do I think the earth is going to end soon? No!

Do I think that most of the leftists and left kook fringe are filled with HATE? Yes.

You guys talk peace but you really have no peace in your hearts.



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