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Debugging Your Code Shirt, hoodie, tank top

The usual slander against conspiracy theorists is that they can’t accept simple explanations for tragic events, like J.F.K.’s murder and 9/11, because their emotions won’t allow them to accept our vulnerability to random acts of violence by crazed individuals or small groups of zealots.

This is a contrived argument. I’d posit the opposite, that those who resist conspiracy theories (and can look at the Zapruder film and still argue Oswald was a lone assassin, absurdly) have a paralyzing need for normalcy. They fear the unknown. Devils in our midst and unresolved cases make them very uncomfortable. Healthy skeptics thus become moonbats and “silly liberals.” It’s psychological.

COMMENT #246 [Permalink]… Nicholas said on 5/17/2006 @ 7:30 am PT…

COMMENT #233 By:JEFF “I’d possibly be willing to consider that a missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11, but the only missile I’d consider would be one fired by our enemies. I’m not even willing to consider that the US Military/Government fired a missile at the Pentagon, killed hundreds and told us it was a plane. That’s just crazy talk by crazy people.”

I REALLY like what Jeff is saying here , It makes everyone fell “Patriotic” We ALL want to be that , (But we also dont want to be Niave or Brainwashed by anyone including our own government, which has a LONG history of lying to the American people) , lying to the American people IS UNPATRIOTIC. If we all keep doing our research in both avenues , the TRUTH will eventually come out. God may be the only one right now who know what exactly happened that HORRIFIC day!

COMMENT #247 [Permalink]… TLV said on 5/17/2006 @ 7:34 am PT…

I watched the video twice this morning. It is missing a huge chunk of footage right out of the middle. This does not allay conspiracy theorists’ fears that this was an inside job at all! An enhanced version straight from the CIA might. But, alas, we are handed this grainy copy of what millions of us have already seen on the Internet for years now. Whoo-hoo! The United States government has reaffirmed by belief that they serve only themselves. Fuck us.


Debugging Your Code Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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