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The CEO of Google admitted to Congress that they suppressed the vote by stopping the Washington Post story about crack head Hunter Biden and stopped all positive ads about President Trump for 4 days before the election. The hearings were on live TV. But not your Socialist Censorship Stations. You, the Democrats, Big Tech and Mainstream Media blocked a fair election. All of your dishonesty is disgusting.

  • Oh, like the last 4 years have yielded ANYTHING productive?!!! HIGHEST deficit EVER in the history of this country-division across the country-a president who racked up over 22,000 lies while in office-bullied some of this country’s longtime most trusted allies-embarrassed this country on the world stage on far too many occasions-ignored information re: an impending pandemic until a thousand Americans had died-he ordered an attack on Kurds that got the majority of them killed which allowed the Russian forces to overtake Kurd villages and land and take possession!
  • I am sick of them saying projected winner he is the winner the people voted and the best man won and I thank God cause we are doomed if Trump won praise God What an awesome God we serve.  he’s not the winner, the election was rigged & there’s no excuse for ignorance. The numbers speak for themselves, even if you remove the voting irregularities the constitutional breaches the illegal removal of ballot watchers, the statistical probabilities of Biden receiving the number of votes in those specific areas at those specific times are so ASTRONOMICAL to be farcical…

The same people that rigged a Presidential election are I’m in no doubt planning Joes untimely demise you don’t seriously believe they’d allow a bloke that can’t string an intelegent sentence together run the country do you no he’s a liability now he knows to much. Democrats think they elected a President they didn’t they elected the Chinese Communist party, they were wilfully complicit in the single greatest act of treachery and treason in history.

Cycling Solve Most Of My Problems Guitars Solve The Rest Poster

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