Cat Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt, hoodie

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Cat Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong Shirt, hoodie

Image captured by Road to VR

Puzzles, although not the toughest, are varied enough to present an engaging mix of challenges that more often than not require you to pay close attention to your surroundings and act quickly. Things like shooting challenges, symbol-matching, key item collection, and door puzzles are all in rotation here. Although most of this is done while possessing a hero, there are some puzzles that you undertake in god-mode as well.

As a god you are a giant and tower over the landscape, giving you a birds-eye view of some of the game’s environments. This is a great way get the lay of the land and even scout for secrets before jumping back down to human scale by possessing the Hero that you’re aiding. In god mode you can also move the Followers by hand, which is useful for some puzzles.

And there’s the gameplay length, something VR fans have bemoaned since before consumer headsets were even a thing. Going primarily through main quests, and not stopping to dig deeply into crafting, weapon upgrades, excessive inventory management, and the many side quests, my personal play time came to just under 17 hours. That’s a bit short of the advertised 30+, but I would almost consider my personal playthrough a hard bottom for a first run. Had I gone for the highest difficulty level, and really squeezed the loot around me for the best crafting items so I could level my hero’s gear and my various beastly companion’s gear, I could easily see myself doubling that time. Replay value, like I said before, is dependent on your will to replay parts of the game with the full set of followers so you can open corresponding chests and hidden side quests.

Side note: loading screens are frequent and can be an absolute drag if you’re loading from a standard hard disk and not an SSD, so you will definitely want to make room on your fastest drive for the best experience.



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