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Brothers I Got Your Six Shirt, hoodie

‘I wasnt aware that the dollar being unstable was un-commone knowledge’

I meant ‘not common’ in the sense that you can’t find much about it on major mainstream news.

For anyone paying enough attention who is willing to educate themselves (which, clearly you have), then you’re right, this is a well-known development.

‘the world bank is going to ask for the return of the loan’

With Wolfie in charge of the World Bank, I don’t think that’s as much of a threat as, say, China dumping it’s dollar holdings.

By the by, what is ‘accending to the 4th density’? Just curious…

Mary4 (#376) –

Yeah, it always seems to eventually boil down to money and power doesn’t it?

Aren’t we tired of this treadmill yet?

COMMENT #393 [Permalink]… Agent99 said on 5/18/2006 @ 4:18 pm PT…

“Fourth Density” refers to Metareligion (the ultimate religion)… (Well, or at least the next step up from the passel of them we have now. There are infinite iterations of meta-ness, you know.)

COMMENT #394 [Permalink]… Bluebear 2 said on 5/18/2006 @ 5:04 pm PT…

I can’t hang around right now, but here is something to ponder: The Stealth Sidewalk.

Check out these photos and dialog – there is a button at the bottom right hand corner to take you to the next page. I was about 20 pages into it when I had to quit for now – very interesting!

Can you say “Cover Up”?

COMMENT #395 [Permalink]… Bluebear 2 said on 5/18/2006 @ 5:07 pm PT…

Regarding the Pennsylvania photo – I’ve seen bigger clouds of black smoke from a burning car!

COMMENT #396 [Permalink]… GTASH said on 5/18/2006 @ 5:14 pm PT…

I have followed the thread here on-and-off for the day. I don’t know what to make of it all except that it is , by far, one of the longest threads I have ever seen here at BradBlog. Whatever the truth behind the Pentagon trash, I am not comforted by it one whit. There are detectives in the movies who declare mid-way through the second act, “I don’t like mysteries” and they plod along to the truth. We (as a nation) have been plodding along and trying to make sense of the past 6 or so years. I am afraid we still have quite a few uncomfortable facts to digest and mysteries to solve. But Bush’s incomparable stupidity is proven to me beyond any shadow of a doubt.


Brothers I Got Your Six Shirt, hoodie
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