Beer Bacon Guns And Freedom Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Beer Bacon Guns And Freedom Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Effortlessly is one of her favorites. ‘It is one of the most vulnerable songs on the album. It’s about me and my mental health—the struggles I’ve been through that led me to therapy and medication and what they forced me to confront,’ she shared with DailyMail.Com. ‘My mental health journey is not something I’ve spoken about before in my music.’

The men in her past: She has been romantically linked to Zack Bia, and Jack Gilinsky. She has also been reportedly close to Brooklyn Beckham

Stay Numb and Carry On is a continuation of her mental health story, but more poetic than personal.

‘I tend not to react to situations. I used to think it was negative to not always stay calm, but I was wrong. You end up locked inside yourself, convinced that the whole world is against you or that you’re the only sane person and everyone else has gone mad.’

Blue is one of the oldest tracks on the album. It’s about knowing when to quit a relationship. ‘I know when to run/When my make-up runs.’ ‘I’m excited with that lyric. It’s the perfect analogy, when the mascara runs, it’s time to get out,’ she said.

BOYSH*T is one of the last songs she recorded for her album.

Did they date? And Beer has been tied to Blake Griffin #23 of the Detroit Pistons; seen in mid February of this year. He has also dated Kendall Jenner in the past

‘It was just kind of a build up after this really long year. It’s simply about knowing your worth and when to leave a situation. With the play on “bullsh*t” I figured it was the perfect time to use the age old saying about an immature or disrespectful boyfriend, “he’s not a man, he’s a boy,” but it then flourished into more.

Prior to signing with Epic Records late 2019, Beer achieved success as an independent artist. Her debut EP As She Pleases boasts over 1 billion streams and made her the first independent female solo artist in history to break into the Top 20 radio charts, after having debuted in the Top 5 on iTunes in 18 countries and in the Top 10 in 42 countries worldwide. While her ‘As She Pleases’ headline worldwide tour sold out within minutes of going on sale.


Beer Bacon Guns And Freedom Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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