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Biden is only chosen by the media and the people behind all this voter fraud and the cheating Democrat Party not the people. He is not anointed by the creator God because his policies are against him so his policies are from the opposite spirit the Devil himself.

we are suppose to fight our battles. No God didn’t give Obama but one terms. He didn’t legally win the second time around. Biden explained that. But it wasn’t fought against. I figured it was because he was considered a man of color even though he is half white. But that’s ok he fulfilled more prophecy that is got to bring Jesus back here sooner and he is still out there working on his agenda.

Thank you for exposing the frauds. We all should be doing that through our Facebook pages. See if we all get fact checked and account cancel for all and Facebook will end up with no users, I hope the judges, and all the officials and the people of America understands the definition of voter fraud.. nothing more simpler and clear can the voter fraud be explained.. great job..

Bee Diamond Personalized Tumbler

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