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Sharmeen Shroff is the director and clinical psychologist at Central Minds in Hong Kong. Photo: Nicholas Wong at Sixteen Photography Personalized Game I will always be your player two mug

So, can we ease this financial anxiety now that we’ve begun 2021? Yes, believes Japanese self-development author Ken Honda – by practising gratitude. His book Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money explores the idea that cultivating a positive money mindset can relieve financial worries, and allow us to make and spend money more peacefully.

“Happy people tend to receive money with appreciation, and when they let go, they also do that with appreciation,” he explains.

Central to Honda’s philosophy is the concept of thanking your money as it enters and leaves your life. “It’s arigato in, arigato out,” he says. “Thank your money coming in, thank your money going out.” He learned this method from his mentor, the investor Wahei Takeda, who is deemed “Japan’s Warren Buffett”, and believes it generates an appreciative attitude that leaves little room for worry.

“Focus on appreciation,” he says – it doesn’t cost you anything, and it might even improve your bank balance. “Appreciative people tend to make more money than people who always grouch and complain about things. Appreciation is very contagious.”

“Happy money” is money spent joyfully, such as cash used to help out a friend or treat someone you love, and you don’t need to be wealthy to adopt the approach.

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