Be who you are not who the world wants to be Feminist poster

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Be who you are not who the world wants to be Feminist poster

ED: You write that Lux’s vision of feminism is fighting for a world in which “everyone has access to food and shelter, to beauty and pleasure.” What excites you about launching a feminist magazine at this moment?

SL: We’ve gotten very good at criticizing the inadequacies of the right and certain forms of liberal feminism. We also want to be constructing a vision of what we want. The pieces we’re working on are all addressing questions that we have about the world we want to live in and the organizing that we are doing. We are very interested in putting forward the idea that the purpose of politics is for people to have a good life. And we should think about what that good life would consist of.

MJ: There isn’t a Lux that already exists. Lux is going to be a really pretty magazine—it has to be.

ED: Why is it important to you that Lux looks good?

SL: To me, it was important [that Lux be a glossy] because I grew up reading glossy women’s magazines. I wanted to build this thing that I had always enjoyed reading, but fill it with socialism.

Publications on the left often take the form of journals that suggest in their tone or their style that you should already be in the know. I want the opposite of that. I want it to be a gate flung open that people feel free to walk through.

There’s something radical in the strategic pursuit of pleasure. We’ve spent decades talking about whether women can have it all, which is actually this kind of depressing idea of working all the time but also doing domestic work all the time. In a sense, it is very unambitious: Can you contort yourself to conform to the unreasonable expectations of this society? One of our taglines is “We want it all,” with the idea being, if we really want a good life, fundamental things about how our society is structured would have to be transformed.



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