Any woman can be a mother But it takes a badass mom to raise a trucker shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Any woman can be a mother But it takes a badass mom to raise a trucker shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn on Her Plans to Be a ‘Cool Mom’ and Filming Season 4 (Exclusive)

“Cool mom,” but make it 2021. That seems to be Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn’s motto as she prepares for motherhood. The 32-year-old is expecting her first child with husband Christian Richard, due later this spring.

“I think I’m going to be a fabulous mom,” Christine gushes to ET over video chat from her Los Angeles home. “I’m so excited, because I’m so hands-on in so many different ways … [and] I can’t wait to just love and teach my child so many things. Christian and I both have so much to offer in different ways, so I think it’s going to be a really, really great blend of just the perfect parenthood relationship.”

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m the cool mom,” she adds, quoting Mean Girls. “I’m going to be like, you guys need any snacks, condoms? That’s the type of mom I’m probably going to be.”

Christine’s only half-joking, but she is being very modern when it comes to her approach to parenthood. She and Christian have no plans to find out the sex of their child before they are born, and plan to keep life for their newborn gender-neutral until the kid is old enough to voice their own gender. The pair is currently seeking out a name (that starts with a C) which could work for any gender.

“We’re not doing anything gender specific,” she explains. “Our nursery is jungle-themed, and we’re just going to go with a feeling. We’re going to really just go with a feeling and see what works and what we feel comfortable with. Then, as our angel gets older, that’s up to them to decide.”

“But obviously, glam looks no matter what,” she’s quick to add, as she hopes to pass down her passion for fashion. The soon-to-be mom hasn’t changed her personal style amid her pregnancy, and has no plans to, either.

“I’m still going to be the exact same,” she promises. “The only difference is, I’m finding it harder to fit in couture, and even ready to wear is a little difficult. I’m having to tailor the clothes that I’m wearing. I’m wearing a lot more dresses because two pieces aren’t fitting, but I’m not looking to go to Ann Taylor Loft anytime soon, that’s for damn sure. I’m still going to be over the top and extra. It’s just a matter of what fits me.”

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