And That’s How Computers Are Made Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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And That’s How Computers Are Made Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Just because Ricky and Bush are stupid racist fascists, I don’t appreciate you lumping many of us In with them. Get over yourself and your self pity and stand with actual Americans who do want liberty and justice for all.

P.S. Ricky, have your washed your brown shirt lately?

COMMENT #224 [Permalink]… Old Turk said on 5/17/2006 @ 6:24 am PT…

COMMENT #225 [Permalink]… Big dan said on 5/17/2006 @ 6:29 am PT…

Below is a link for a website of scholars for 9/11 truth. I think I believe these scholars, and not Ricky/Mike J/Bush Administration… The Bush administration has already proven themselves to be serial liars beyond a doubt.

Scholars For 9/11 Truth

COMMENT #226 [Permalink]… Onyx said on 5/17/2006 @ 6:36 am PT…

Agent 99 – I took a look at the Raytheon site you linked. A Tomahawk cruise missile is 18 ft. 3 in. Long and 20.4 in. In diameter.

As I have mentioned above, scaling things in the still pics that are of known height at the impact point and comparing to the “missile/plane” show that it must be approx 12 feet high and by implication 12 feet in diameter. Also the length of the “missile/plane” that is shown scales out to be approx. 100 ft. Long.

By reversing this scaling process a Tomahawk with a 20 in. Diameter would be approx 7.5 times smaller in diameter and 6 times shorter than what is seen in the video.

Could you explain how you arrived at your estimate of a 5 ft max diameter? Here’s my method.

Toggle back a forth from the frame with the plane and the frame with the explosion to locate the impact point and therefore where to measure the building height. This is necessary since the height recedes with distance from the camera. Measure the height on your computer screen at the impact point. We know the real height is approx 60 ft.

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