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All American Trump Girl Shirt, hoodie

GEMBeing a robot-building game surely he’d know right.

DARRENGreetings! You’ve reached Darren.

RADHey Darren, It’s Rad and Gem here at the Ask SP desk. We were wondering if you know if Main Assembly is going to come out on PS4?

DARRENHmm, well at the moment, you can only play Main Assembly on PC. And I haven’t heard of any plans to bring it to PS4 at this stage. But, if you’re interested in games like Main Assembly, you could try playing something like space flight sim Kerbal Space Program or even the space survival crafting of Astroneer, which are both available for PS4.

RADOh yeah, they are kinda similar. Well, thanks for the recommendos Darren! Byeee!

DARRENOh you’re most welcome. Cheerio!

[hang up]

GEMAs for whether there have been any Minecraft updates for the PS4, well aside from small fixes and improvements and things that happen pretty regularly, there were updates late last year that added support for servers and realms for PlayStation, as well as support for PSVR if that’s something you have.

RADAnd I believe the next major Minecraft update, Caves and Cliffs, will come to Bedrock editions, including PS4. That should bring with it things like new mobs, new items and building materials, new cave biome features and things like that.

GEMBut, apparently the update release will now be split into two instalments&#150; with some features set to arrive around the middle of this year and the remaining, more complex features rolling out at the end of the year.

RADLeaving us with a bit of a caves and cliffs-hanger, wouldn’t ya say?

GEMI wouldn’t say, but clearly you would. And you know what? Good for you. Moving on now to another vid and this one comes to us from Claudia.

CLAUDIAHi GGSP, it’s Claudia here. I have one question for you today.What age group is Roblox rated and is it safe?P.S. Rad and Gem please do theseRad, please do these.


All American Trump Girl Shirt, hoodie
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