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6 stages of debugging shirt, hoodie, tank top

WTC 7 certainly wasn’t compromised by the towers falling.

The fire was fairly centralized in the building, so if it did in fact cause a collapse (which has never before happened in a steel structure soley from fire) the center of the building would have collapsed.

Watch the video recommended to you and you will see that at first the central portion drops slightly – enough to cause the end walls to tilt in slightly and then the whole thing goes down in unison.

That is exactly how they plan it to happen when the “pull” a building through the use of explosives. It keeps the end walls from falling outward and insures the whole thing drops into its own footprint.

I’m sorry, but right now I don’t have time to find you links, but search for controlled demolition and watch the videos of professional companies demolishing various buildings. You will soon see a pattern which is repeated in the collapse of WTC7.

COMMENT #63 [Permalink]… Mike J. Said on 5/16/2006 @ 12:55 pm PT…

Jeff’s question is a good one. None of you have answered that yet. I understand why you want to believe your theories: You hate Pres.Bush and his Administration. Therefore anything you can come up with against him is good for you.

I have thought before about why we don’t see much of the plane at the crash site of the Pentagon. But I’m not a aviation expert and I don’t think many here are either. Perhaps the incredible speed of the plane on impact put the aircraft panels into quite small pieces. Or perhaps the aircraft actually went into the Pentagon building and was covered by the building’s pieces as what happened to the planes that hit the WTC towers. Those two planes, fully loaded with fuel for the long flight to California, completely disappeared into the buildings.

But WE (you all and I) don’t really know for sure.


6 stages of debugging shirt, hoodie, tank top
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