2024 Trump Strikes Back Shirt, hoodie

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2024 Trump Strikes Back Shirt, hoodie

And it’s revealed: Did you spot the pink ‘F’ outline within the sea of red dots?

Created by Playbuzz , the puzzle has nine stages, each stage a different colour theme, including pink, yellow (pictured), green and purple

Quizzers are given a choice of four letters and they have to spot the letter contained within the dots

However, some colours are easier to dissect than others. Barbara Anderson wrote: ‘Had problems with the blue dots’ (pictured)

Loralee Severin Emme wrote: ‘Highly imaginative… I think I was imagining some of the numbers, but I passed. I am not sure what that really proves but I passed’

She added: ‘I got all of them right whoop whoop I can live in a colorful world, yay’

If you manage to find all the letters, the congratulatory message from Playbuzz reads as follows: ‘That was AMAZING! Not only did you pass, the fact that you were able to see all the letters across the spectrum proves that you have incredible vision and a particularly trained eye’

The message goes on: ‘This means that you can see better than the average person, and live in a more colorful, vivid world’

The letter X is barely visible amongst the other green dots in this final test

Earlier this week, another puzzle swept the internet, with many trying to solve it using advanced mathematics then kicking themselves when they realised the real solution.

Antley Lamont Staten posted this brainteaser on Facebook, which has been shared more than 370,000 times.

The puzzle shows a grid of nine numbers and a sign next to it asking people to share the image when they find the error.

Yet another puzzle is sweeping the internet, this time boggling the minds of everybody with its deceptively simple answer, above

Lots of people have been trying but failing to solve what they think is a mathematical equation on the right side.

2024 Trump Strikes Back Shirt, hoodie
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